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EV Conversions

We specialize in high-end EV conversions using only brand new, reliable components with warranties. Our builds are of the highest quality, using only the best parts and expert craftsmanship. Trust us to create a custom electric vehicle that is not only powerful, but also long-lasting and backed by industry-leading support.

62 Cadillac restoration

Restorations and Customs

We are dedicated to restoring and customizing vintage cars with a careful balance of preservation and innovation. We understand the importance of maintaining the original soul of the vehicle, but we are also never afraid to push the boundaries of customization and create something truly unique.

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Our team is comprised of expert hardware, mechanical, and software engineers, as well as master fabricators and car builders. With such a diverse range of skills and experience, there is no project too big or too small for us to tackle. If you need something designed or built, our team is here to make it happen.

Our Process

Are you ready to take your dream car to the next level with a high-performance EV conversion? At Current Electric Vehicles, we have a proven process for turning your vision into a reality.

  • First, we help you acquire your dream vehicle, whether that means finding it for you or inspecting an existing car to make sure it's a good candidate for conversion
  • Next, we work with you to plan and conceptualize your vehicle, taking into account everything from horsepower and range to creature comforts and aesthetics.
  • Once your vehicle is ready, we begin the enhancement and restoration process, removing the old gas motor and preparing the car for conversion. Our team of expert engineers then develops and implements a plan for converting your vehicle to electric, ensuring that the original weight and weight distribution are preserved for a smooth, familiar ride.
  • Finally, we complete the project with thorough testing and quality checks, and then it's time for delivery! With Current Electric Vehicles, you can trust us to turn your dream car into a reality.

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Current Electric - Los Angeles

The Shop

At Current Electric Vehicles, we are more than just your average automotive shop. Our team has a background in building hot rods, but we also have the skills and tools to create custom, one-of-a-kind electric vehicles. Our shop is equipped with a full electronics lab and metalworking shop, allowing us to build and fabricate everything from custom electronics to billet trim pieces. With our expertise and capabilities, there's not much we can't do at Current Electric Vehicles.

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Our Vision

To breathe new life into classic cars through modernization, customization, and technological innovations that maintain a classic soul while also offering the features and experience of a modern vehicle.